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Trustee Decisions

Providing independent professional Trustee Services to Private and Public Corporate Pension Schemes

Who are Trustee Decisions?

Established by the late James Kavanagh in 2011, Trustee Decisions is a professional trustee company providing independent professional trustee services to private and public corporate pension schemes. We act as trustees to both defined benefit and defined contribution pension schemes using our experience in ensuring a strong and effective governance framework is in place with full compliance with legislation and the Pensions Authority’s Code of Practice in a cost-effective way. We have extensive experience in completing the wind-up of schemes in meeting all legal and regulatory requirements. We can also separately provide trustee secretarial services to help relieve the administrative burden of managing a trustee board allowing the trustees to focus on discharging their duties effectively.

“Advisers advise but trustees decide”

Our Services

Independent trustee services
to defined benefit pension schemes

trustee services
to defined
pension schemes

Independent trustee
services to Group
Life Assurance Plans

Pension scheme
wind-up services

Risk Management


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